Tango Alpha Tango


As some of you may know, White Bike is a brand new band based in Portland, Oregon. It is the first new musical collaboration from me, Nathan Trueb and my wife, Mirabai Carter in nearly ten years.

We decided to start this band in 2018 with our friend, Arianna Rose, after hearing her sing and learning about her undying love of rock n' roll music. We all started singing together often which quickly led to us writing new songs. I took it from there and started really writing with intention; using the ideas from Mirabai and Arianna's vision. The ideas were fresh and prolific; a new perspective of writing for a female lead, and also, sharing lead with a female vocalist. I brought each demo to the girls and with their lyrics and vocals, the sound of the band started to take shape. It was hard, but at first we decided to keep the new band under wraps so we could spend our time privately practicing and perfecting our sound. We quickly realized we needed to hear the songs in a full-band setting to really feel the impact- I mean, it's a rock n' roll band after all. Every rock n' roll band needs a rock n' roll drummer. Arianna recruited her friend, Robin Levy on the drums and it couldn't have been a more perfect fit. We became fast friends and great musical companions. After practicing and writing for about a year or so we took our music out of the basement and debuted the band at Rontoms in Portland, Oregon on October Sixth, 2019. The show went great and the music was very well-received. We couldn't have been happier or more relieved that our hard work had paid off and people liked the music- like, really liked it! That's when we knew what the next step had to be...

Being that we're so new, we need help getting our artistic ideas off the ground. The first thing that this entails is getting the band into the studio to record some of the songs we have written. We've done everything we can do on our own, which is write, demo, rehearse, and we even played our first live show. We truly believe in the music that we have written, and it is our dream to hear these songs fully realized and recorded. Your support will go toward the rental of a professional studio which includes hiring an engineer/producer. Our friend, Gus Berry, who is a wonderfully talented musician and engineer will be recording all of our songs for this project. The next step will be getting the songs mixed, and then finally, mastered. These are the steps it will take for White Bike to be able to give you the quality songs that we've written, from our minds to your ears.

We are going into the studio to record three songs. $3,500 dollars will cover the costs of recording, producing, mixing and mastering. But that's just the beginning. The more help from you, the more we will be able to accomplish. If we get past our goal, that means more music for your ears! We have worked really hard on the rewards for all of you, and hope you enjoy them, as we really want to show you our gratitude. We know there are a million things to spend your time and money on these days but we truly believe our music will make you, and others, happier and more inspired. Thank you all so much in advance for any support. It means the world to us and we love you all very much!


Summer Shows 20199999

After a couple of months off we're ready to start playing some shows again just in time for the summer. We've still been playing a lot, writing, and recording too. This weekend which falls on the Summer Solstice we're headed up to Seattle to play one of our favorite venues, The Sunset, in Ballard. We're direct support for The Mondegreens who you probably already know and love. Opening up the show will be, Black Chevys, who are sure to get the party started. Start your weekend, and the Summer Solstice out right with us at the Sunset this Friday, June 21st! Also, get your tickets in advance because these shows tend to sell out quickly.

Next up on our schedule is one our favorite venues that we ever get to play, the Doug Fir Lounge right in our home-town, Portland, Oregon. If you haven't seen a TAT show at the DF, then you need to make your plans now. For some reason, this venue brings out the best in us and our fans always have a great time. Definitely get your tickets sooner than later because these shows are always packed and historically often sell out in advance. As always, we have some special surprises in store for all of you, so don't miss out. We're all very excited, seriously!

Last but not least, for now, is good ol' Hood River. We are returning to one of the coolest outdoor spots in the NW, The Ruins. If you haven't been to a show here, well, just check out the photos. It's some kind of burnt-down old building, where only the walls still stand, and Springhouse Cellar decided to make it into a fantastic winery, bar, and venue. This is in the peak of summer and Hood River couldn't be more beautiful this time of year. A photo of us playing at the Ruins was recently used in 1859, Oregon's Magazine, as one of the best places to catch live music. This show will be opened by locals, Cedar Teeth. Come catch the action with us!

As always, please be sharing our music, giving us a listen on Spotify. All the little things really help bands out, listening, buying a t-shirt or record, and as always, coming out to the shows. You guys never disappoint and we love making music for you all because we love you very, very much. Can't wait to see you all soon.

Lastly, up top, there's a recent live video of White Sugar filmed at our most recent Mississippi Studios show, shot by Steve Montague and friends, lighting design by Sage Collette. Enjoy!

New Music & New Shows!

Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully you've all had the chance to check out our latest releases by now, but, if not, I'll tell you a bit about them. Late last year we put out two "B-Sides" from the White Sugar recording sessions. "Why Won't You Talk to Me?", and "Baby, You're So Fine", are available for your listening pleasure on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. The other release I'm excited to share is my first solo, acoustic record under my full name, "Nathaniel Marc". Seven new tunes that were recorded live to tape. Here's the tracklist:

Rocks & Gravel
I'm Comin' Home
Desert Snow
Well, Well, Well
One Wing, Honey

We are VERY excited to announce that our next Portland show will be at Mississippi Studios on March 6th with local art rockers, Kulululu! The tickets are available for purchase now at this LINK Please get your tickets as soon as possible while they're still available and they are cheaper in advance. It's going to be a big show with our signature light show, and more surprises.

For all of our Boise friends and fans, we are so excited to announce that we'll be back for Treefort Music Festival this upcoming spring break. The lineup is already insane and more bands to be announced soon!

Please take the time to go save our new music in your library, however you consume music, or get a physical copy of the new acoustic record at BANDCAMP.

New Summer Shirts

Excited to have some new merchandise available for all of you to rock this summer. Brand new, screen-printed "Pablo" design on Canvas (Bella+Canvas) unisex shirts. Super soft fabric, and true to size. Right now we have S, L, XL available at our Bandcamp page. All proceeds from the shirts will go directly into the the making of our latest record, which we've already started on. We've been having such a great, creative time already, at home and in the studio and we can't wait to get the new music out to you. It takes time and a lot of money to get a great record made, with the quality that you've come to expect from us.
Shirts will also be available at our next two shows in Pendleton, on July 21st, for the Main St. Block Party. And in Boise, on July 22nd at Neurolux! Idahoans, please get advance tickets for this show HERE.
We've also already announced a very exciting west coast tour with SF heavy-hitters, The Stone Foxes coming up this fall! Here are the list of dates so get your tickets as soon as you can for a show near you.

July 20- Main St Block Party, Pendleton, OR
July 21- Neurolux, Boise, ID

Oct 4- Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA*
Oct 5- The Shakedown, Bellingham, WA*
Oct 6- The Star Theater, Portland, OR*
Oct 7- Sam Bond's, Eugene, OR*
Oct 9- Humboldt Brews, Arcata, CA*
Oct 10- Big Room @ Sierra Nevada, Chico, CA*
Oct 11- Fulton 55, Fresno, CA*
Oct 12- Harlow's, Sacramento, CA*
Oct 13- ???????? Coming soon...*
*w/ The Stone Foxes

More Shows! Recording

Thank you to everyone that has been coming to our shows recently! Some people are driving five hours or more to a catch a show near their town, and that means a lot to us. We've hit Spokane, Missoula, Bozeman, and even had a Sold-Out show in Seattle at the Sunset Tavern. What a great time we've been having.
Our next show is this Tuesday, the 19th, in Hood River, at the Ruins. Don't want to miss this because we'll be playing all of the old tunes, and a bunch of new stuff as well.
After that we've got some recording scheduled for this weekend in Portland to lay down some of the new stuff. If you don't already, follow us on Instagram to get real-time updates with studio footage, etc.
In July we've got a couple of really great shows.

July 20- Pendleton, OR, Main St Block Party
July 21- Boise, ID, Neurolux

We couldn't be more excited to play in Pendleton for our first time headlining their Main St. Block Party, and maybe even more excited to get back to one of our favorite home-away-from-homes, Boise, and at such a great room on a Saturday night! Get your tickets in advance because this one's gonna be a barn-burner!

Lastly, we'll have brand new t-shirts very soon. You guys bought up every last one we had!

June Tour!

Here are some upcoming shows to start our summer tour.

June 7- The Bartlett, Spokane, WA
June 8- The Top Hat, Missoula, MT (FREE)
June 9- The Filling Station, Bozeman, MT
June 15- The Sunset, Seattle, WA

Get your tickets in advance if needed. We've been having sold out shows recently and wouldn't want any of you to miss out!

Big announcements about some big, big shows for us, and recording coming soon. See ya everyday on Instagram: @tangoalphatango

Cinco De Mayo at Bunk Bar!

Please get your tickets ASAP as tickets are past the halfway point of selling out. Also, Sarah Parson (of the Lower 48 fame) will be opening the show. You do not want to miss this as it will be our last Portland show for a while. We are going to be on the road in the summer, and working on new music and recordings. Also, the show is a bit cheaper in advance so we want you all to take advantage of that.

Thank you all for coming out to our recent shows from Portland to Montana! Seattle, we haven't forgotten about you. We will be at the Substation on May 12th, and the Sunset on June 15th!

Winter Shows

We would like to formally announce our next big show. We are headlining the Doug Fir in Portland on January 19th of the new year. Also on the bill, our friends, the Parson Redheads, and Fort Atlantic. Please get your tickets in advance HERE. Another show that we should mention is up in Seattle, and we couldn't be more excited to get back because it has been a while. We will be playing at Barboza/Nuemos on December 23rd. For all of you in town for the holidays, this will be the perfect show for you. Can't wait to see you all soon and show you the new music we've been working on.

Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR

So excited to be playing with two our favorite Portland bands, full of friends, Cardioid, and No Kind of Rider this Sunday, the 27th at Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon. No Kind of Rider starts out the night and we'll be up second in main support of Cardioid. Cardioid is the new musical project fronted by former Radiation City lead singer, Lizzy Ellison. You don't want to miss this night!
We've been working hard on pre-production for a new album lately and we have lots of great new music to record soon. You've heard a couple of new songs in our live set lately and you can expect to start hearing more. See you this Sunday!

Summer Tour Pt II

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer out there! Well, at least in certain parts of the globe. I know we are. There have already been some shows this month that have been so much fun/scary(?). On the fourth of July we played Mad Sons block party/crawfish boil, and had quite the show. As we finished our last song of the set, "Kill & Haight", my glass slide somehow exploded into a thousand pieces. I was discordantly quoting the National Anthem at the time and a shard of glass sliced my palm open which lead to me bleeding quite profusely on myself, my guitar, and the stage. Long story short, I'm okay, my hand is healing up, and was healed enough to even play this last Saturday, July 8th at the annual Mississippi St. Fair. I even picked up a new glass slide the day after Independence Day.
Our performance at the Mississippi St. Fair was help at the Bar Bar patio, which is attached to Mississippi Studios. People just kept coming and coming as our set rolled on and by the end it was complete pandemonium! What a fun time. We met lots of new folks who picked up copies of our vinyl and our new t-shirts. Thank you all for spending your street fair with us. For those of you who don't know, Mississippi St. is right in our neighborhood and annually they shut down the street for music, bands, food, etc. and host 50,000 or more people throughout the day.
There are still lots of chances to catch us in the NW this month. Here are our July shows:

July 4- Mad Sons, Portland, OR
July 8- Mississippi St. Fair, Portland, OR
July 14- GraviCross by 10 Barrel Brewing, Mt. Bachelor, Bend, OR
July 21- Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle, WA
July 22- Wildwood Music Festival, Sheridan, OR
July 26- Ester Short Park, Vancouver, WA (12:00 nooner show)

Summer Tour Pt. I

We have been very busy recording demos, learning new tunes, and working on preproduction for a new album. The new material is exciting for us because it's a fresh direction for Tango Alpha Tango, exploring new sonic possibilities with the freedom that we always have. I won't try to describe it in too much detail. It's like the old saying, "writing about music is like dancing about architecture." It's poppy, darker at times, and explores more electronic sounds; focused on driving beats, and melodies that tell a (hopefully) memorable story. Anyway, can't wait to get into the studio and share it with you all. For now, you can hear some of the songs at our upcoming live shows this summer as we hash these new ideas out, and you can get new merchandise as well! We have brand new shirts hot off the presses and they are our favorite design yet! Check out the dates and come out to any, or all of our upcoming shows. Please, please, please get your tickets in advance especially for the bigger shows- they often sell out.

June 10- Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA TICKETS
June 16- Dark Forest, Eugene, OR
June 17- The Dip, Redding, CA
June 18- Neck of the Woods, San Francisco, CA
June 23- Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR TICKETS

Next Headlining Portland Show!

We've been busy playing lots of shows lately, from Astoria to Boise, and a lot of places in between. The above video was shot at a recent house show in Portland. Those always end up being so much fun and we always meet new friends. Keep your eyes out for the next one as they're usually somewhat secret.
We are so excited to announce a bunch of upcoming shows, first of all, our first headlining Portland show in some time. We'll be heading back to our favorite neighborhood venue, Mississippi Studios! We'll be sharing the night with Holiday Friends, who happen to be releasing their new album and we couldn't be happier to celebrate with them. But before that show we have some others too.
Next week, I will be playing a solo set at Al's Den on Thursday the 27th supporting our friends, Those Willows week-long residency. Expect to hear some new songs, and some old Tango favorites.
After that we'll be heading up to Seattle at the Central Saloon with, Spirit Award and Pale Noise. We'll also be back up north for Seattle's inaugural, Upstream Music Festival on Friday, May 12th at Cafe Nordo. This will be a headlining slot too!
More shows and recording announcements coming soon! Looking forward to sharing all of the new music with you that we've been working on.


We had a great summer and can't believe how quickly it flew by. The nights are coming sooner and the parties fewer; however, we have had some crazy party shows with all of you lately. This summer we played our first 3 shows in Colorado, and a festival in Wyoming, FINALLY got to return to Boise (without acts of God preventing us), and returned to a warm welcome in Bend as well. Just this past Sunday we buttoned up our summer with one of the best shows ever, Rontoms Sunday Sessions out on the patio. It was packed to the gills with some familiar faces, and a lot of new ones as well. The night couldn't have gone better, honestly. I ended up riding on top of the crowd by the end and the energy in the room was electric.

We hope everyone is enjoying the new album now that you've had some time to digest it. I was talking with a friend the other day who said it recently became his, "summer soundtrack", and had listened through about 15-20 times! That was really great to hear. We're also enjoying the photos of you guys listening to your new vinyl copies of the album as well! If you don't have a vinyl yet head Bandcamp and we'll send you a copy. We'll even sign it if you'd like. Just make a note to us in the checkout process.

We are taking a short break from the road because our touring vehicle finally bit the dust. The process for finding a new touring rig is coming along and we have some promising prospects. Buying a vehicle is, as you know, expensive and always a gamble so we are trying to make the best decision possible and get back on the road as quickly as possible. I don't think we'll do a kickstarter or anything like that, but if you would like to help please let me know at ntrueb@gmail.com The biggest help would be to buy some of our CDs, shirts, vinyl, tickets to a show, etc. Even if you have everything, get something as a gift and pass it along. It really does help, and means so much how supportive all of you are along the way.

The next show is September 18th at the Secret Society. Weezy Ford plays first, we are in the middle, and Those Willows headlines. This will be a great show so don't miss out. It's a small room, so get your tickets in advance.

Vinyl Release Show July 16

We are excited to announce our official vinyl release at Mississippi Studios coming up very soon on July 16th. This is our big headlining show of the summer! You can get your tickets, and should right away before they're gone, right here:


Also on the bill, Lemolo, from Seattle, and our very own, Snowblind Traveler. Couldn't be happier to be sharing this bill with such great artists.

Other upcoming shows:

July 26 Neurolux, Boise, ID
July 29 Carbondale Mt. Fair, Carbondale, CO
Aug 2 Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR Red Bull Sound Select

Spring Tour Pt. II

Here is a list of upcoming shows! Also, our vinyl is being currently mailed and can be ordered HERE. There will be an official vinyl release in Portland on July 16th at Mississippi Studios! Hope to see you at a show soon.

May 7- Liberty Glass Bar & Restaurant, Portland, OR FREE 9pm

May 18- the Liquor Store, Nathan Trueb Solo Set, Portland, OR

May 20- Fisherman's Village Music Festival, Everett, WA 9:00pm

May 26- Sophia's Thai Kitchen, Davis, CA*

May 27- Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA*

May 28- the Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA*

*Shows with Tumbleweed Wanderers

White Sugar Now Available

So excited to finally give you ALL a chance to stream and download our newest album, White Sugar. We also have made an option for anyone to pre-order the limited edition vinyl (1/500) from our Bandcamp Page. Please get yours while supplies last, because we'll start selling them at shows as soon as we get them. The manufacturing company says they will start production the week of April 4th, and we'll ship them as soon as we get them back. Below is the front & back covers with original artwork by Nate Duval.

Now is the time to listen to the album that has been in the works for a long, long time. We truly hope you enjoy the record, and play it loud, and spread the word to all of your friends and family.

Our next shows are in CA:

4.2 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA TICKETS
4.3 Starlite Lounge, Sacramento, CA

Spring Album Release and Tour

This week starts the release of our brand new album, White Sugar. The first single from the album is, I Gotta Girl, which you can go listen to now HERE. We will also start promoting the album with several shows around the west coast. The shows and links to tickets will be below. We have a special contest for our super fans who are planning on coming to the show at Doug Fir Lounge on March 4th. We will be giving one lucky fan who pre-orders their tickets to the show a rare (1 of 5) reference copy of the White Sugar record on vinyl. All you have to do is pre-order your ticket and you will be entered to win. In other exciting news, Eleven Magazine has featured us in their March issue with an interview and album review which you can pick up just about anywhere in Portland. The official worldwide release of the album will be March 18th. The upcoming shows will have download cards available to buy, along with a pre-order of the limited edition vinyl with the amazing artwork of Nate Duval. Check for a show near you and go grab your tickets before they are gone!

3.3 Eugene- House Show (1415 Mill Alley 97401)

3.4 Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR TICKETS

3.5 Spacecraft, Bainbridge Island, WA

3.10 Barboza, Seattle, WA TICKETS

4.2 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA TICKETS

New Tour Dates and Album Update!

After a great new year with some sad news lately- all of the great musicians passing away- we have some good news that will hopefully help to bring the scales back in the other direction. Our album is currently in the process of being pressed to vinyl! It was a long process and we learned a lot. We are so happy with the artwork by Nate Duval and with the track-list that we came up with. The vinyl will contain eight new songs, and will come with a digital download that includes one bonus track. Here is the track-list:

Side A:

I Gotta Girl
Don't Tell My Baby
Wolf Pack

Side B:

White Sugar
The Devil's Mark

Bonus Track:

I Won't Tell

We will be sharing lots of things with you before the release in March, including the first single and the artwork! But before all of that we have some upcoming shows out of town that you need to know about. First of all, we have to thank everyone who came out to the New Year's Eve celebration at Radio Room, which turned out that a lot of people couldn't get in the door! Hopefully you made it in at some point and got a big, fat kiss at midnight. Also, we can't forget all of the folks that came all the way out to Columbia City Theater for our headlining show in Seattle! What a great night that was. You even had us play an encore which was a special, and rare cover song (we rarely work those up) and you guys really dug it and sang along to every word! You may just hear it at an upcoming show. Anyway, here are our upcoming shows for Jan/Feb/Mar (more shows to be added):

Jan 29th- Pierce Vineyards, Monterey, CA (limited tickets) SOLD OUT
Jan 30th- Slim's, San Francisco, CA
Feb 1- the Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA
Feb 2- the Satellite, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 19- Volcanic Theater Pub, Bend, OR

Mar 4- Doug Fir, Portland, OR
Mar 5- Spacecraft, Bainbridge Island, WA
Mar 10- Barboza, Seattle, WA

NYE Party this Thursday at Radio Room

Join us this Thursday at 10pm at Radio Room for the annual free party that we are so excited to be a part of. There will be musical surprises, a full bar, outdoor patio with a firepit-you can watch the music from the fire! Get there early so you don't get left out in the cold.

Winter Tour and NYE!

If you've been following us on Instagram then you have been getting some sneak peeks into where we're at in the vinyl-making process. The artwork for the LP is finished, which we can't wait to show you. Also, the acetate was cut and approved, and now we're sending off lacquers to the manufacturer now. So, this means we're closer than ever to bringing you new music. For now, we will only be releasing vinyl and digital downloads. So, get your turntable in tip-top shape so you can be one of the first ever to play Tango Alpha Tango on a turntable. It will be a very limited run of vinyl, so be sure to catch a show in the new year as soon as possible while supplies last. There will be a release party in Portland for the record, and we'll definitely let you know about that as it gets closer. Here are some winter dates to put on your calendar. Also, get your tickets in advance, and if you can't make it give them as a gift. Nothing says "I love you" like a pair of rock & roll tickets. Also, this year, give the gift of TAT to those deprived of rock & roll. Go to our BandCamp page now to catch up on all of our releases old and new. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

As far as the Happy New Year goes, we are just announcing that will be hosting the New Year's Eve party at Radio Room in Portland! We will play music from 10:30-12:30 with a break for the countdown and DJ sets after. This is a great bar with great food, drinks, a fire pit, covered outdoor patio, and generally good vibes. So, if you were looking to make plans, look no further. This party is FREE, and you can be fancy or not. I know I, for one, will be in a sequins jumpsuit.

Also, Seattle fans will be thrilled to know that we will be at Columbia City Theater for our first time on Jan 15! Get your tickets as soon as possible for this one. Black Whales will also be playing that night so come early, and stay late.

As far as California goes, we haven't forgotten you guys; on the contrary, we have several shows already planned for down south. We will be in Monterey for our first time, so if it's close for you, come on down. Lillie Lemon will be sharing the night with us. It seems like we were just there, but San Francisco is going to be gangbusters on Jan 30 at Slim's! We join our friends, Battlehooch, and Hungry Skinny for a wild night of rock & roll! Get advance tickets for this show because it will be packed! See you all very soon!

Dec. 31- NYE party at Radio Room, Portland, OR
Jan 15- Columbia City Theater, Seattle, WA
Jan 29- Pierce Ranch Vineyards, Monterey, CA
Jan 30- Slim's, San Francisco, CA