Tango Alpha Tango

New Album Now Available

Need a unique gift idea for the holidays? We've got you covered. Our new album, Live from the Crystal Ballroom, is now available on Bandcamp! It will be available at all of your other favorite digital retailers in January of 2015. Or, if you're able to get to one of our shows, we will have physical copies available for you there. Speaking of shows, we have only three left this year.

We've just been added to a show tonight at the Wonder Ballroom opening for the inimitable, Hillstomp, local Portland legends. Their opener couldn't make it out of the bay area and needed us to fill in and we were more than happy to help them out.

Also, we'll be playing the Psychedelic Holiday Freakout Festival this Saturday at the Sunset in Ballard, Seattle, WA. Here is where you can get your advance tickets for that: TICKETS. We play Saturday, the 13th at 11pm.

Next week, we rock the White Eagle with My Goodness, from Seattle. This is a show you don't want to miss. It's been so long since we've rock the Weagle, and we've missed it dearly. Come out to one of our favorite neighborhood haunts, yes it is actually haunted.

12/12 Wonder Ballroom w/ Hillstomp
12/13 Psychedelic Holiday Freakout, the Sunset, Seattle
12/18 White Eagle w/ My Goodness

Also, you can come hear my new guitar... you know you want to!

Away in a Manger

I just wanted to thank everyone who made my first night at the Fillmore in San Francisco such an amazing night. It was packed to the gills and Jackie Greene and his band were fantastic players and all around people. I'm sure this won't be the last time that we share the stage either. We made it a weekend in San Francisco and the city, although overwhelming, is beautiful and we met a lot of new friends and found some pretty great spots. We are home safe but looking forward to the next trip down.

In other news, I recorded, "Away in a Manger," for the semi-annual PDXMAS compilation this year just in time for the holidays. Take a listen to everyone's original takes on classic holiday tunes. We hope you like it. Head over to bandcamp to listen to it and purchase the song or the whole album if you like HERE.

Our next shows are this weekend, first, in Hood River at the River City Saloon on Friday, Dec 5th. We play with McDougall and take the stage around 10:30. Next up is Bend at the Volcanic Theater Pub with our friends, Patrimony. That show starts at 9pm on Saturday, Dec. 6th.

Our new album, Tango Alpha Tango- Live from the Crystal Ballroom will be for sale at these shows and you can watch the film song by song, or the entire performance here on our website under the "live" tab. It will be available online soon!

Also, get your tickets for our next Seattle show, the Psychedelic Holiday Freakout presented by the Funk Farm, KEXP, and the Stranger HERE. We play on Saturday the 13th of December at 10:30 at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard. It's gonna be a good one.

Live at the Fillmore

Excited to announce that I'll be opening with an acoustic set for Jackie Greene at the Fillmore in San Francisco, CA on November 29th. The doors are at 8pm and the show will start at 9pm. Get your tickets HERE.

We have a lot of other shows that we've just put up on the calendar as well. Here's a list of the shows:

Nov 15- Acoustic House Show, 4934 NE 41st, PDX
Nov 29- Acoustic set w/ Jackie Greene, Fillmore, SF
Dec 5- River City Saloon, Hood River
Dec 6- Volcanic Theater Pub, Bend
Dec 13- The Sunset Tavern, Ballard, Seattle
Dec 18- The White Eagle w/ My Goodness

Please get your tickets or make it out and see us as we've got new songs and a new live album that you'll be able to get at most of these shows! More about that release as it nears.

Band of the Day

Excited to announce that we are the featured band on the Band of the Day app and website. Go read a bit about us and listen if you'd like. It's a great app for discovering new bands every day. Check out Band of the Day

In other news, you'll be seeing a new guitar on stage soon. I just picked up a vintage, 1974, black Telecaster and I can't wait to play it for all of you!

If you want to come hear it, here are our next set of shows in the NW:

Sep 19th the Crocodile, Seattle, WA w/ Walking Papers SOLD OUT

Sep 27th Pacific NW Brewcup, Astoria, OR 8:30-10 Headline

Oct 3rd Uptown Theater, Richland, WA Headline

Oct 4th Wonder Ballroom, PDX, OR w/ the Quick & Easy Boys (for their album release!) TICKETS HERE

We have a surprise coming soon too in the form of new TAT for your ears!

Summer Tour Pt. II

As the twilight of the summer begins, we find ourselves back in Portland where it is a thick, 102 degrees outside- and inside for most as well. The first half of our summer tour has ended and this is actually the hottest climate we've experienced thus far on our travels. Touring with Rich Robinson, his band, and crew was too much fun- almost.

Thank you to everyone who was at the shows. We met so many new friends, and everybody was so nice. One kind fan put us up in a luxury hotel, other friends let us camp their yards and living rooms, and one new fan even begged me to punch him in the face, but that's another story. Rich and the band were some of the nicest musicians out there, as quick to lend their gear as they were with a joke, and we can't wait to see them again in the future.

The summer festivals we hit in Sandpoint, Bend, and Portland (for the Oregon Brewer's Festival) were successful in every way, even only getting two hours of sleep in Sandpoint, jumping in the rig and heading straight to Bend to load onto the stage and start playing. I remember in Bend it was a hot, sunny day, but a bit windy and unpredictable. After our very last downbeat a torrential downpour started, which was mixed with quarter-sized balls of hail, scattering the crowd in all directions. We like to imagine that the thunderous rock n' roll sparked the storm.

Speaking of scattering a crowd... Back in Sandpoint at their summer festival, which used to be called, "Jerry Fest", (yes, THAT Jerry) we rolled in with our trailer and were greeted by friendly hippies with bare midriffs and painted faces. "Go past the yurts, around the pines, and follow the banjo music; there you will find the stage." Or something to that effect was said. As we drive through the serene camp, there isn't a hint of sadness around. There is quiet music, distant laughter, and the forest even seemed like it cleaned itself up for the occasion. We find the stage and an adjacent field full of young face-painted kids dancing with hula hoops. I'm getting into the spirit just as a frisbee-golf disc flies off course toward me. I pick it up and playfully throw it back to the kids who were passing it around. It flies through the air, birds are chirping, "zip a dee doo dah", and suddenly the young boy, who I was aiming for, had his attention averted momentarily. The frisbee didn't seem to notice and I was about to make the most precise pass straight into his chubby cheeks. The next thing I know he is screaming like he just witnessed his dog getting run over by a semi truck. I jog over, and try to calm him down, avoiding causing a scene. He's inconsolable. "Where's your mom?" I try, helplessly. "I don't have a mom!" he manages to get out between his shallow breaths and shrill screams. "Okay, okay, how about your Dad?" Surely I just chose the wrong parent to bring up in this chaotic moment of frisbee gone wrong. "I DON'T HAVE A DAD!" So, of all of the kids that I accidentally and playfully return the frisbee to, which ends up hitting him in the mouth, is likely the only orphan at this hippie festival, and I just became the worst hippie of all time. Just as I had run out of ideas, a boy about the same age, judging by his height, takes the hard frisbee and starts smacking himself hard in the head and face. This brings in instant smile to the injured boy's face and the tears turn into laughter as they run off together. The remainder of our time their was much less hectic, and relaxing. Our set was great, the amphitheater was perfect, and there were dreamcatchers the size of trampolines all over the place. I would recommend it to anyone. Hopefully we can make it back next year.

In other news, a while back we got together with the very talented photographer, Mikel Ugarte in Seattle, and below are a couple of new photos that we think you'll enjoy. These were taken in Ballard near the Tractor Tavern. Please be sure to visit his site and check out his amazing work.

Also, the video posted is from a secret Sofar Sounds show I did a while back in July. It features the song, "Coonhound". Check out Sofar- they do house shows around the world and now have a base in Portland as well.

Without further ado, here are the rest of our summer shows and some notable fall shows as well.

Aug 13- Bunk Bar, Portland, OR, PALS Fest, FREE

Aug 22- River City Saloon, Hood River, OR

Aug 23- Gleason Fest, Spokane, WA

Aug 29- the Cannery, Everett, WA w/ My Goodness

Aug 30- Oak Harbor Music Festival, Oak Harbor, WA

Aug 31- Rontoms, Portland, OR

Sep 5- Crocodile, Seattle, WA w/ the Stone Foxes

Sep 27- Fort George Brewery, Astoria, OR

Oct 4- Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR w/ Quick & Easy Boys

Come grab a new t-shirt, or our newly designed edition of Black Cloud! Sign up for our mailing list on the home page to hear about exciting new shows AND releases coming up later in the year.

Summer Tour

After finishing up a great run of shows in Eastern WA, it's time to announce the rest of the summer tour. In honor of Black Cloud being released a year ago on July 16, and selling out of them, we have pressed another run of albums with a new cover design by Jade Ramza Jurdy. These anniversary editions will be available at all of our summer tour dates along with a brand new "TAT" t-shirt design for purchase.

July 12- Sandpoint Summer Festival, Sandpoint, ID

July 13- Bend, OR, Bend Summerfest

July 15- Portland, OR, Doug Fir Lounge w/ Rich Robinson

July 16- Riverside Event Center Auditorium, Spokane, WA w/ Rich Robinson

July 17- Seattle, WA, Tractor Tavern w/ Rich Robinson

July 19- Napa, CA, Uptown Theater w/ Rich Robinson

July 20- San Francisco, CA, The Chapel w/ Rich Robinson

July 26- Portland, OR, Oregon Brewer's Festival on the Waterfront

Aug 13- Portland, OR, PALS Fest, Bunk Bar

Aug 23- Spokane, WA, Gleason Fest

Aug 30- Oak Harbor, WA, Oak Harbor Music Festival

Aug 31- Portland, OR, Rontoms Patio Show

Bend, Boise, Spokane!

Next week we will be hitting the road for a few shows. First we're in Bend on June fourth at the Volcanic Theater Pub. Last time there it was a packed room with plenty of good vibes for everyone.

After that we're headed to Boise to play our first show there since Treefort Music Festival. We are back at the Bouquet on June sixth so make sure to get your tickets for that.

On June 7th we're back in Spokane for Elkfest. Our set time will be at 6:30pm but make sure to check out the whole roster for all the other great acts.

Thank you to everyone who made it out to our last run of shows at Firkin Tavern, Dante's, and NW Folklife. We got to meet a lot of you, but of course there was so many that we didn't get a chance to talk to. Please come out again when we're in your town next and we'll get to catching up. Also, don't forget extra cash for one of our new t-shirts, and a copy of Black Cloud. We're nearly out of discs, so it may be a bit before we can order more. Check out some photos by Dirty Martini Photo of NW Folklife.

Also, next PDX & SEA dates:

June 18- PDX, Mississippi Studios

June 21- SEA, Conor Byrne Pub

The KEXP Performance/Interview

Our KEXP in-studio is up and ready to watch, and what a great job they did! Thanks to Sharlese, Sean, Jackson Long, Jim Beckmann, Jenna Pool, Justin Wilmore, and Justin Wilmore. You can also watch the songs separately from the KEXP Youtube page if you want to skip the interview. Speaking of Seattle, we will be up there May 9th playing a show at Lo-Fi with Fox & the Law, and the We Shared Milk. This is going to be a great time, and it would be so nice to see some new faces and of course all of the familiar ones that are at every Seattle show!

If you can't make that show, don't worry. There are two more chances to catch us up north this month. May 16th we are at Fisherman's Village Music Festival on the Cannery Stage at 7:45. We will also be at NW Folklife on May 25th. And, no, Portland, we didn't forget about our favorite place to play. We will be back at the Firkin Tavern on May 23rd, and we'll have a secret house show on May 24th as well if you're into finding that sort of thing.

Also, don't forget to bring extra cash for the shows so you can own one of the only Tango Alpha Tango shirts in the world! Limited discharge print of the Bird/Horse design in all sizes for men & women. Get 'em while they're hot! See you all soon.

More Spring Shows, Shirts, etc.

If you've been following the band since our birth, you may own one of the only Tango Alpha Tango shirts in existence. Once upon a time we printed up shirts that looked sharp, and came in all kinds of sizes. It may have only been one show where we sold them- I can't remember- but shortly after, a large tupperware bin that held all of them, was stolen out of one of the band member's car, along with an amp and some other forgettable items. As you can imagine this was very discouraging and we've never made t-shirts since. We've also never had stickers or anything else. A brand-less band, you could say. But, the wounds have healed and a brand new design of a t-shirt is on the way. If everything goes according to plan we will have these shirts available at our next show which is in Seattle on May 9th. Here are the next few times you can catch us and buy a new shirt.

May 9 Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, Seattle, WA

May 16 Fisherman's Village Music Festival, Everett, WA

May 23 the Firkin Tavern, Portland, OR

May 24 Secret House Show (ask us)

May 25 NW Folklife Festival, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

PS Also, more announcements coming soon! Our KEXP in-studio videos should be finished by the end of this week, and we've got other video surprises coming as well. But, for now here are some models strutting their stuff to one of our tunes.

PPS If you happen upon a methy guy who's entire wardrobe consists of Tango Alpha Tango shirts please don't tell him we have a new design coming. He is probably soooo sick of the old shirt.

Spring Tour and more!

There is a lot of news that we are very excited to share with you. If you're following our twitter then you may already know some of the news, but there's always more good news here at HQ.
First off, this week we are heading to a very popular Portland venue to film a bunch of live videos tomorrow and we're excited to get those finished and share them with you. Unfortunately, we won't be having an audience for these films, but there's plenty more for you to see this month and next.
This Saturday we'll be at Franklin's Bottle Shop in Salem, OR with Lesser Known Characters also on the bill. If you're in the area, then you already know Franklin's is a great spot bringing great music to everyone South of Portland.
March is an exciting and busy month for us. We start out the month playing a live session for the world-renouned, KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle, WA. These live radio performances are filmed, and aired on the station. To listen in you can visit KEXP.ORGat 6:30pm on March 8th to hear us. And if you're in the area we will be performing in Ballard at the Sunset Tavern with Campfire OK and the Green Pajamas! This show is not only going to be bananas (with a lineup like that!), but it is going to benefit Nick of Time Foundation which educates about Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The show is $7 advance, and $8 DOS.


After that we are playing our first HEADLINING show in quite some time at the Doug Fir Lounge! Joining us on the bill will be Fox and the Law, and fellow Treefort-Festers, the Lower 48! We are VERY excited about this show, that will have new music, hopefully some new merchandise (maybe some custom Tango Alpha Tango doilies), and other special surprises! This is a kickoff show for our tour to Treefort Music Fest in Boise, so come support, as we'll be out of town for a little bit. There might not be another show until April in town! You'll want to get your tickets in advance, as the Doug Fir is starting to feel like a t-shirt that you've been washing and drying for years, it's your favorite, but it may have shrunk, or you're getting bigger. We just don't want any of our favorite friends standing outside while the party is on in the subterranean , log-lined bunker. The Portland pillar, KZME radio, will be sponsoring the show and the peerless, Dustin Mills (Eleven Magazine, Drummer) has created us a radical flyer which you just need to scroll down to see. But first, follow the link and get your tickets now:


Lastly, we would like to announce to other shows, first we'll be in Spokane for our first time at a newer venue called, the Bartlett who is doing an amazing job of filling up their calendar with great touring acts, and great locals too. That show will be March 19th and you can get your tickets in advance here: The Bartlett Tickets We'll also be heading back to Moscow, Idaho, that is. No, no Russian tour planned just yet. We'll be taking the night to play at John's Alley, where the drinks are strong and the Big Buck Hunter rifle is always at the ready. We'll be passing through on March 20th, so mark your calendars if you happen to be out that way.

That's all for now, folks. As always, thank you for supporting what we do, and making our job so much fun.

Treefort Music Festival 2014

Well, Boise, we are thrilled to announce that we will be a part of this year's Treefort Music Festival. We've always had a great time playing for you guys from Neurolux to the Crux. Our show will take place on Sunday March 23rd. We'll also be doing a few shows around this date in Moscow and Spokane so everyone in those areas keep posted on our sites for further details. We love you all and Happy Valentine's Day! As a treat, here is a video from the Psychedelic Holiday Freakout Festival in Seattle from December 6th. Thanks to the Funk Farm for putting this together. Check out their other videos on the 'tube.


Winter Shows

Hey, everybody. We're excited to announce a run of shows this week.
First we'll be in Corvallis on Wednesday, January 22nd. Around 5:00 pm you can hear us on KVBR-FM, and later that evening at Bombs Away Cafe. We should take the stage around 9:00 pm and the show is free.

Next, on Thursday the 23rd, we head to Bend for a show at the Volcanic Theather Pub. The show starts at 8 pm and is $5. We're excited to get back to Bend for another show and our first time at this great, new venue.

Friday, the 24th, we'll be back in Boise, ID for our first time at the Crux! We play with Old Death Whisper, and the Sheep Bridge Jumpers. This will be a great show and it only costs $5.

Saturday night we return to Portland at the Doug Fir Lounge with locals, Just People, and San Francisco's, Battlehooch. We take the middle slot right before Just People at 10 pm. Tickets are $8 in advance, and $12 at the door. Don't miss this show!! We don't yet have another Portland show in the books for a while after this.


Hope to see some of you out at the shows. We're making new music and playing it exclusively for these audiences this week. Also, we've got music videos in the works and other exciting events on the horizon to be announced soon.

2013: Recap

Well, it's been quite a year for us, and I'm sure for you too. Of course, there are always those moments that stick out more than others, like playing- what felt like- one thousand shows at SXSW, and carrying our gear by hand from the hotel, to the bus, to each venue in ninety-plus-degree heat. Or, when we watched Reignwolf in some dive bar down there, in Austin, and then played with them again a few months later.

We finished our first full-length album, Black Cloud, recorded at Supernatural Studios, and we played in several states and cities supporting its release including, Bend, Boise, Moscow, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, and more. We even got to play in New York City. New York City?

Our song, "Aralia Spinosa", was picked up by an ad campaign that is still running in several countries. Mirabai was the first to see/hear it and called me excitedly, "did you know our song is on CNN right now?!"

Some of us were treated to backstage privileges at the Fleetwood Mac show at the Rose Quarter, which included a full stage tour, and chatting & hanging with Lindsey Buckingham and some of the rest of the band in the green room. I even handed him an album. You can read a more in-depth account over at Portland Mercury (favorite musical moments of 2013).

This year we played with so many great bands like, My Goodness, Reignwolf, Prism Tats, Fox & the Law, Minden, the Lower 48, Animal Eyes, Eternal Fair, Tumbelweed Wanderers, Sama Dams, J Roddy & the Business, the Foghorns, Kris Orlowski, Cody Bebee & the Crooks, Blake Noble- all the Chinook Fest bands...

Chinook Fest! We had a headlining slot this year on Saturday night of the festival, and what a blast that was: camping and rock & roll.

We released new songs, and plenty of live videos, including the latest, "White Sugar", and our album, Black Cloud, was picked as a top album of 2013 by Willamette Week on a short list of bands like, Blitzen Trapper and Unknown Mortal Orchestra- quite an honor. We also made other year-end best lists like, the Source Weekly at number sixty-five.

Finally we played a lot of great venues and made a lot of new friends. Thank you to all the fans who came out, bought albums, put gas in our tank, and made us want to come back and see you as much as possible. Also, thank you to the photographers like, Todd Walberg, and Lord Fotog for capturing moments, and for videographers who made the videos!

Doug Fir, White Eagle, Mississippi Studios, Holocene, The Bite, Rose Festival, The Crocodile, Tractor Tavern, Highline, Lola's, The Crystal Ballroom, The Delancey, The Banana Stand, the Deli, Willamette Week, Portland Mercury, the Source, Seattle Living Room Shows, Chinook Fest, Sam Bond's, Bunk Bar, Bombs Away Cafe, Rontoms, Mississippi St Fair, Music Millennium, Noise for the Needy, Neurolux, John's Alley, Hotel Cafe, Milk Bar, Backspace (RIP), all of the Austin venues with names of animals drinking booze, the Grackle and so many more: Thank you all so much for having us! We love you all.

Tractor Tavern in Seattle, NWCZ Radio interview

I hope everyone had a great holiday here in the United States. From what I've gathered it's been a great one for our friends and fans. We had a good time of relaxation with rehearsals and jams, lots of new songs brewing and preparation for two big shows this month in Seattle and Portland.

I had an interview with NWCZ Radio in the Seattle area last night and you can listen to that here

Our next show is this Thursday evening in Seattle, December 5th at the Tractor Tavern with Eternal Fair, and Patrick Foster & the Locomotive. Tickets. We have been looking forward to this show ever since we became a band. People have always told us that the Tractor would be a perfect fit for us and we're happy to try it on for size. Both bands sharing the stage with us we have played with before, most recently at Chinook Fest a couple of months back. You may remember us heading to Eastern WA swimming in rivers, sleeping on the ground, and generally acting like hippies. Well, if you missed the sold out festival back in September, the fine Crooks of the WA band, Cody Bebee and the Crooks have put together a fine piece of our closing song- a brand new one (!)- "White Sugar". We hope you enjoy the video as much as we've enjoyed playing the song.

The next Portland show is December 20th at Mississippi Studios with Minden, and the Lower 48. Both bands we've played with before on a few occasions and we think the bill is stellar. No, radical. You'll want to get your tickets in advance because the quaint venue fills up quick. Tickets

More exciting stuff always brewing in the basement, so keep in touch on Twitter to find out the minute things are happening, and of course, when things aren't happening as well.

Ads, Secret Shows, etc.

Well, although we haven't been out on the road as much in October, we've been hard at work at home. The show on the 16th at the Doug Fir was quite bananas. Thank you all for showing up early for us and packing it out- and staying all night for Solwave, out of SF, and Rags & Ribbons from here in town. It has been quite the busy times since then... where to start?

You may have heard us coming through your television set in the past few months. Our song, "Aralia Spinosa", has been featured in a Kyocera commercial called, "Important Document". Check out the video of the commercial. Lots of new fans have been getting our records due to hearing Aralia on that ad! Pretty cool.

A little while before our last show we had the pleasure of seeing our friends Kris Orlowski open up for Little Green Cars at the Doug Fir. Kris and his band are from Seattle, and I highly recommend them, if you haven't seen them yet. I have to say, we were blown away by Little Green Cars set too. They were all the way from Ireland, and apparently a lot of people already know about them, but they are still growing. It's a six-member band, one girl, 5 guys, 5 people singing, with guitars, bass, keys, drums. I hate to compare them to Arcade Fire, because they sound nothing alike, but the emotion is the same. (Arcade Fire is the new Radiohead in that way. A few years ago every band that hoped they were experimental, or had a bleep or bloop in their music listed their key influence as Radiohead... now everyone is Arcade Fire, whether you have 16 members in your band, or you've heard '80's music.) The playing was fantastic, and the songs were great too. What else do you need to know? After the show we ended up hanging with both the bands, and eventually made our way to the hotel room that the bands were staying in, and had a good old fashioned party. To make room, we flipped up one of the twin beds, and used the chalk (normally used to make art on the hotel room door) to graffiti the bottom of the bed. We all took turns adding our artistic touch, and eventually parted ways but not after a proper dance party to the soothing sounds of Notorious B.I.G. Yes, B.I.G. is big in Ireland too. All of the members of Little Green Cars are just about the nicest folks too, so go check out their music and see them when they come back in the spring.

I won tickets from the Portland Mercury to see King Tuff and Wavves at the Wonder Ballroom. I really enjoyed King Tuff's set, it was fun, unpretentious, party rock & roll.
The day after that we had the privilege of seeing Tango Alpha Tango alumni, Beau Kuther play drums at the Roseland Theater with his new LA band, Small Pools, opening up for (and on tour with), The Mowgli's, and Walk the Moon. There was about 2,000 screaming kids, faces painted, ready to have the "best night of their lives" that gave Smallpools the welcome they deserved. After the show we headed with the bands over to Ground Kontrol for some adult arcading- no, not that kind, classic arcades, like Pacman, and NBA Jam- get your mind out of the gutter. Met some of the Mowgli's and caught up with Beau and the rest of Smallpools, who we had hung out with in LA before.

Mirabai had the pleasure of seeing Bonnie Raitt too, but you'll have to ask her more about that. I remember one line she mentioned, after telling me how great the show was, Bonnie told the audience as a roadie brought her a stool, "now I'm gonna sit down and play the blues", eventually leading into "Love Me Like a Man". Perfect.

For Halloween Mirabai decided to be a ballerina, and even made her own Tutu. Is that how you spell that? It's been quite some time since I've written about Tutus (never... maybe once). The day of our Halloween party I finally decided what to be- Bob Dylan. Kind of a "Blonde-on-Blonde-era-fro-dylan" kind-of Dylan. We had a good time and there's a picture below. So, it seems like Halloween is over the way it laid out for us this year, but it really hasn't even happened yet. Maybe I'll think of a new costume for this weekend.

In the meantime, when we're not out at shows, we've been working on our new material. And just yesterday I woke up from a nap with a new song in my head from a dream I had. So, twenty minutes later... new song! They just keep coming out. Also, I'm going to start work on the solo album you all have been asking about. I've actually already started, but I intend to finish it. We are also in the works of releasing more live videos for your viewing pleasure. Too many things to keep going on and on about. This weekend we'll be in Seattle playing a super, top secret show. That's really all that I can say. But, if you're in Seattle drop me a line and I might be able to give you a hint. See you soon at our next show.

Also, go follow us on Twitter to hear about this stuff as it's happening- in REAL time. Or, head to Instagram and SEE it happening in real time.


Last Thursday we had the privilege of opening for two touring acts at Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR, J Roddy Waltson & the Business, and Gringo Star. It was a beautiful day in North Portland, and we live just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Mississippi Studios. We loaded in around 7:00 for our soundcheck. Things were running behind, but it was relaxed as J Roddy and Gringo were finishing up their checks. We made all of the necessary introductions and most everyone became fast friends. We took the stage at 9:00 after meeting up with our friend, George, who had flown in from LA to catch our set for Lebanese food across the street (which I highly recommend). The crowd quickly piled in for our set and we had a blast rocking through the usual suspects from the new record, Black Cloud. "Brahma Bull" stands out in my memory from the first half of the set, as the harmonies in that room had a unique crispness to them, and it's just a fun song to play, and watch all of the heads nodding in unison as if compelled by a supernatural force. We featured two brand new tracks and we're really proud of their progress. They don't have official names, so I'm not going to call them anything yet. Just come out to a show and hear them soon. After our set the other bands took their turns making the crowd dance, hoot and holler. After the show we took the party to our house and showed some of the band guys a Portland good time in the Tango Cave. We ended up staying up until probably 5:00am sharing songs and stories, and as the sun came up it looked like it was to be another beautiful fall day that we thought we may have been robbed of with that bout of torrential downpours a few days earlier.

Friday, most of the band was to head up to Seattle for the Fiona Apple/Blake Mills show in Seattle. It was a perfect drive up the 5, and we hit virtually no traffic. We rolled in right at 7:45, parked, and then headed straight into the show. It was at a fancy theater, of which the name escapes me- you know, like a symphony hall of some sort. We took our seats as Fiona, Blake (guitar), a drummer, and upright bassist took to the stage. Now, I'm not a diehard Fiona Apple fan, but respect her music, and know more than your Mom and Dad probably do of her, but, that's not saying much. The first thought when you see her, if you're like me, and not keeping up with her, is that she doesn't look like she did in the "Criminal" video any more. Like all of us, some years have been added, and in her case, some pounds lost. After getting used to what she looks like these days it was time to listen. They got into a couple tunes from her back catalog, but mostly the recent album, and took turns from her songs to Blake's, both backing each other up in new ways. Some times he played her piano songs on guitar, or she leant a harmony on his song that wasn't on the recording, etc. It was done effortlessly, and beautifully. The two have been dating for a while now, and it seemed like some sort of intimate jam, where she would comfortably talk, or sort through her box of percussion, with a childlike improvisation. Blake Mills, is one of the best guitarists I've had the pleasure to watch live. His playing original, his tones classic, and his suspense, tension and resolve was heartbreaking and tearjerking. If you ever have the chance to see him live, I would take it. They featured what seemed to be a brand new song- from the applause of the crowd- with a darker, yet almost more pop appeal, in the NIN, "Animal" kind of way. After the last song, the band quietly turned off amps, and as the crowd, confused, patiently and silently waited for the next song- even after two straight hours of music. But Fiona, after a moment of realizing no one knew that was the end, said she didn't have one more and that she didn't believe in encores, that some times things have an end, and it's just the end. She took pictures of the audience with her camera and then was gone with a wave. It really was a great show, and even if you weren't her biggest fan. I am certainly now a huge Blake Mills fan.

Our next show is at the Doug Fir in Portland, OR on October 16th with Rags & Ribbons and Solwave from San Francisco. We are up first at 9pm. Get tickets in advance and get there early so you don't miss our set. Thank you all who have been buying our album, online and at shows, it really helps us keep putting stuff out. Keep coming to shows and we'll keep putting them on. We're always working hard to bring you our best.

New York City

Well, it feels like we've been all over and back lately. We've settled back in to Portland and just as we did the weather changed, cooler mornings and evenings force us to shut in and tackle new tasks in the new season. But first, let's go back.

Chinook Fest was an absolute blast, and I would recommend anyone making the trip up to Naches, WA to camp with up-and-coming bands and fellow listeners nestled next to the wining Chinook River in this sometimes forgotten part of the country. Two stages were set up in a park that feels more like an abandoned summer camp than a park. We headed up Friday night, enjoyed the music and camping, and we had the privilege to play a headlining slot before the festival founders, Cody BeBee & the Crooks on Saturday night. It would be hard to have a bad set with the sold-out crowd that Chinook Fest boasted this year; they danced, sang along, and screamed for more. It was an easy day for us, seeing bands like Kris Orlowski, and Eternal Fair, and only taking breaks to swim, eat, and laze around. After a late night- or early morning- we hit the road and Mirabai and I got ready for our next adventure.

It would be a long post to describe to you every little thing about our trip to New York City. But I'll say that it was our first time, and it is nothing short of a magical city. Maybe it's all of the history that you're constantly engulfed by, or the greats who've been inspired by it's ambition, or even the diversity of it's residents, but it is definitely like no other place on earth before or since. Our home away from home was in Brooklyn/Queens on a main line of the train that spat us out in a new part of the crawling city every time we rode. It was quite an adventure just walking up the subway steps to see whatever it was we were going to see each time because every time it was so different; from Coney Island to the Lower East Side, Williamsburg to the Upper West Side, Brighton Beach to the Upper East Side, we saw a tiny piece of it all. It seems that if you lived there for a thousand years you couldn't take in every nuance, not just because of the sheer size, but the depth of details on every corner. We witnessed the pride of the Empire State building, and the wisdom of the Rockefeller plaza, we felt the ingenuity of the Brooklyn Bridge as we walked across it in the warm evening, and walked into the middle of the tourist epicenter of the world, Times Square, and strolled the historic Central Park. It was nice to see all of the sights for ourselves, and to experience them in our own way. It was especially nice to live like a resident and play a show there like a local too. The Delancey was great and we appreciate those who came to watch. Tom Schecter, and Katie Schecter did a spendid job with their music and we can't wait to go back and hang with all of our new friends soon. So, thank you to everyone out there who helped us out, watched us play, gave us directions, or told us where to eat what, and see what else.

With that trip already passed we're really itching to put all of that experience into our next show at Mississippi Studios. We play October third, next Thursday with J Roddy & the Business and Gringo Star. Get your tickets in advance and don't miss us, because we open up the show at 9. It's still a full set so don't let that fact deter you. Both other bands are worth the price alone, and they only come around once a year or so, and never together! Bonus, Bonus, Bonus!

If you aren't getting enough news from this blog, head to http://www.twitter.com/tangoalphtango for close to incessant adventures, thoughts, rants, and ramblings. We also have a new Instagram account under the same handle.

New York City, Chinook Fest sold-out, J Roddy & the Business...

Well, WA folk, it looks like the second annual Chinook Fest is sold out this year. We play Saturday night in a headlining spot right before the festival originators, Cody BeeBe & the Crooks, at 10pm. We'll be sure to upload pics of the festivities and camp vibes to our Instagram, which is, @tangoalphatango

After Chinook Mirabai and I are headed to New York City for our first time ever. I will playing a solo show at the Delancey with my friend Tom Schecter and his sister. If you're in NYC and can make it out, please do. It would be so great to see some familiar faces, or meet some of our east-coast fans.

For all of you Portland folk, we are getting very excited for our next show at Mississippi Studios. The bill is stacked with rock & roll goodness including, Gringo Star, and headliners, J Roddy & the Business. You'll have to go to some homework, but J Roddy has a new album streaming on Rolling Stone's website. The date is October 3rd, and we start out the night at 9:00pm. This is our only Portland show for a while, so get your tickets now. It's only $8!

Silver Linings

Some days you end up spending hundreds of hard-earned dollars on molded rubber. Yes, today we had to put a couple of new tires on the old band wagon- a necessary task for the amount of miles that we travel each year. I hope everyone had a good weekend of relaxing views and sunshine for Labor Day, and if you did have to work, hopefully your line of work happens to be: "a historian and amateur cryptologist searching for a lost treasure of precious metals, jewelry, artwork and other artifacts that was accumulated into a single massive stockpile by looters and warriors over many millennia starting in Ancient Egypt, later rediscovered by warriors who form themselves into the Knights Templar to protect the treasure, eventually hidden by American Freemasons during the American Revolutionary War."* Just kidding. I seriously hope you're back to real life and you're okay with that. If not, we may be able to brighten your mood with three shows this week. First we will be in Eugene supporting, Crushed Out, formerly, Boom Chick, on the start of their tour at Sam Bond's Garage. We're up first, and the show is at 9PM.
Sam Bond's Info

Friday, I'll be playing an solo show for one of the Banana Stand's week of free shows during MFNW. The show will be at Double Dragon with Ryan Stively. The show is of course free and is at 4pm. The Banana Stand is releasing their Volume II of "Live from the Banana Stand" compilation.
Banana Stand Media

Finally on Saturday, we'll be at the Deli Magazine's free day party at Kelly's Olympian with several other great bands including, Otis Heat, Mister Tang, the Quick and Easy Boys, and Jacob Miller & the Bridge City Crooners (who just reached most syllables in a band name in town). We are very excited to play with all of these folks, for all of you folks, and for free, nonetheless. Check the link below, we made the front page!
Deli Show Info

In other exciting news, our song, In My Time of Dying, will be featured on local label, Tender Loving Empire's new "Friends and Friends of Friends" compilation, volume six. This compilation features bands you've heard of: Typhoon, Radiation City, Phillip Glass, Wild Ones, and especially exciting artists like, Adam Brock. Here is a link to all the pre-order business and other tom foolery about this album.
Pre-Order Info

Last but not least, we will be playing Saturday night, the fourteenth of September, at Chinook Fest up in Naches, WA. We played it last year, it was a blast, all of the bands camp-out, so do the fans, and it's a general party of sorts, festival-style. So, if you'd like to get tickets, do so now in this general direction. I have to say we're excited to be on the bill with Lee Oskar, and other up and comers like Seattle's songsmith, Kris Orlowski.
Chinook Fest Website

Be sure to tune in soon and find out about seeing some of us on the east coast! And check out the new photo gallery by the amazing and local, Todd Walberg here:
Todd Walberg Gallery

*Wikipedia, National Treaure Film

"All Mine Blues", Live at the Doug Fir

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Doug Fir on Friday for our show with Blue Skies for Black Hearts and the Lower 48. Although our set felt short, we packed everything we had into it. We even ended with a brand new song that we're trying out live for you guys. It always helps us before we record, to play a song out live and get everything just right. It was really great talking to a lot of you who come out to every show. There is a growing number of you guys and we couldn't be happier. Keep spreading the word and don't be afraid to come out to every show. Who knows, we may hold a contest to see who can come to the most. More on that later.

The fine folks over at Collective-47 Productions, associated with the Banana Stand, have finished editing our latest video production, "All Mine Blues", live at the Doug Fir, June 29th, for our album release. This was the set closer, and you can tell what a good time everyone was having. Please watch it, share it, and send it to your friends who have been meaning to catch a show.

Tuesday we had the pleasure of seeing Steely Dan at Edgefield. We LOVE this band. I can remember going to Al's Records in Oak Grove to search for each album in junior high. They were second only to the Beatles/Led Zeppelin. They opened doors to sounds that I hadn't heard- especially the innovative guitar players they employed. Jon Herington is their lead guitarist/musical director, and blew my mind constantly during the show. The crowd was a little salty at first, and twice our age on average. But, once the white wine kicked in, and people forgot about their perfect comfort level, or their beach chair, or their self-proclaimed plot of grass legally protected by their Tex-Mex blankets, they really started to listen to the music. The afternoon turned into evening, and the focus went from everything around to only the sounds coming from the stage, and the people creating those sounds- familiar sounds: the hits. So many hits. If you get a chance to see them, I would do it while they've still got it, and they definitely do.

In other weekly news, we ate more mexican food than you. Por Que No, Javier's, and Mazatlan were visited, and Juanita even made a surprise visit to our house. Other than that we managed to make it to Willamette Week's Pop-Up Pool Party at Portland Meadows on Sunday. What's better than watching a horse-race while standing in a swimming pool/listening to a DJ, a huge slip-n-slide/a snowball fight in August? Not many things. I highly recommend it for next year. After that party, we ate (mexican food), and headed to Rontoms for some free music, not sure who played, but it is always a good time for sure.

Speaking of good times... We play tomorrow night, Tuesday, the 20th of August, at Bunk Bar. We'll be on at 11pm to headline this night of PALS Fest. Also joining us on the bill are Sama Dams, and Eidolons. If you don't know about PALS, they are a PDX House Venue/state of mind.